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The Potter, Part One – Hopelessness

Sunday, October 5th, 2008

The Potter lovingly and carefully formed the pot. The pot was perfect. It was not made for great things, but was just right for what the Potter intended. He cultivated good and beautiful things in the pot. But the pot was not happy with what he was, and, seeking happiness, brought vile and corrupt things into the pot, often killing the beautiful things the Potter put there. The pot knew it was wrong to bring the vile and corrupt things in, but he did not trust the Potter to make him happy, so he continued to bring in the vile things. He got to trust in the vile and corrupt things to make him happy, even though he knew the Potter loved him. He was torn – wanting both the Potter and the vile things. Eventually the stress on the pot became too much for him, for he was not a strong pot, and the pot shattered. In his broken shards the pot tried to hold a little of the vile and corrupt things. He could not hold much in the shallow shards, but he persisted.

Now the Potter had a beautiful Bride he was preparing to wed. She lived in a dark land and occasionally would get an infection – a boil – that the Potter knew was ruining her perfection. So the Potter would reach down and take one of the broken shards, and after shaking off the vile and corrupt things it was holding the Potter would use its sharp edges to scrape the boil so as to open the infection to the air and the light. In this way he healed his Bride. The broken pot sees how much the Potter loves his Bride. It is a dirty and dishonorable job, and often the Bride resists when she sees the sharp edges of the shard coming. The pot shard causes pain. The Bride hates the broken pot, and rarely thanks the Potter for using it. (more…)

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