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The Potter, Part Two – Trust

Sunday, January 11th, 2009

Most pots think they are smart. They are mistaken. There are pots that think they are smarter than most other pots. This may be true, but in the end it can be to their disadvantage. Most pots believe they are special. This is also true, but it, too, can be a disadvantage. The pots who think they are smarter than others who also think they are more special than other pots are in real trouble. The problem is that these pots tend to think deeply about certain subjects, and are impressed with themselves about this ability. This might be humorous, seeing, after all that they are in fact just pots, if the consequences were not so tragic. When a pot is given some measure of awareness of the Truth by the Potter the pot may think it sees much more of the Truth than it does, in fact, see. This leads to a bit of self-importance: “Listen to ME! I have Truth!” The self-importance in turn leads to a focus on ones self. This is a bad thing for pots. When a pot focuses on itself it may forget its purpose, not to mention the fact that the pot has now become more concerned with itself than the world of Truth it has only begun to explore.
In the case of the pot of the previous story the combination of some Truth with self-absorption led to the pot seeing that (more…)

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