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Killing my Ol’ Man

Friday, June 12th, 2009

My Ol’ Man is a vile excuse for a human being! Every day I am confronted with and disgusted by his lack of care and love for his own wife and children, and I think it is time for him to die. You think me harsh or cruel? You ask me how dare I suggest such a thing? You have no idea what we have been put through because of his selfish, destructive, coarse, and abusive lifestyle. His callous disregard of the welfare of those who depend on him has been a constant grinding-away of our souls, especially for me. I have come to hate him. I have seen him hurt his wife and children – but it is ME he has hurt most. It is ME he has abused most. It is ME he has embarrassed and discredited most.
I want him dead. I have tried to kill him before and failed, but I will try again and again until I see the life drained from his mocking eyes. I will exult in his death! I will rejoice in it and will not have remorse. Murder, you say? (more…)

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