Obama Declares martial law – Suspends congress and elections.

The following is a fictitious scenario, not news, though it is quite possible that it will indeed happen.
satanic symbolism
As more and more information gets out that Obama is not eligible to be president of the US of A, coupled with many more instances of unconstitutional abuses of power, many people carefully watch the 2012 election results. A rising tide of public sentiment that the election results have (obviously) been tampered with in order to guarantee that the win goes to Obama causes several state legislatures to declare that they will not abide by the official results and will no longer send any tax monies to the federal government until a satisfactory investigation has been conducted.

Obama, Pelosi, and Reid call upon their “Occupy” protesters to riot in major cities until the rebellious states back down. Police, overwhelmed by the sheer volume and destructiveness of the riots, find themselves unable to keep the peace. Frustrated and fed-up citizens – armed to the teeth – show up on the scenes of the riots to back the police. Shootings follow.

Accusing the states of committing sedition, Obama declares martial law and calls on US troops to come in and quell the violence. Many commanders and their men refuse to follow the order to arrest or shoot their own people, while many more follow orders from the Whitehouse and descend on the states which are protesting. More citizens of the states involved respond by showing up in force to stop the arrests and killings of their neighbors. Obama uses this as a pretext to call in UN troops, which are gladly committed by the various nations that wish to see the US of A humbled.

Russia and China, having been given secret technological information in advance by Obama, enter the fray. More and more of America is polarized as a full-fledged guerrilla war develops in the southern and central states. Food, energy, and communications are cut off to “soften” the regions who refuse to bow to the new Emperor.

1) With only small and short lived pockets of resistance, the rebellion – or Patriotism, if you wish – is crushed and the United States of America is divided among the major nations “for her own good and the good of the planet” – not to mention to settle her huge debt. China gets the Northwest, with Mexico reclaiming the Southwest lands lost/sold under the Treaty of Hildalgo. Canada (Britain) gets the Northeast, with Russia taking the Southwest.

2) America repents of her ways (adultery, abortion, wickedness) and God brings them together to rout her enemies and, eventually, rebuild the nation.


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