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Why I hope Micheal Jackson is burning in Hell. – Edited for clarity after a rebuke

Saturday, July 25th, 2009

Below is my original post, which was initially a response to those who asserted (tv, media) that Jackson was now in heaven. I have been told that my use of the word ‘hope’ in this context may be improper to convey what I was wishing to convey. So please read my post carefully and consider words that I agree with, upon reflection, from who said:

I have a difficult time seeing how any person following the way of Jesus (the enemy-lover) can have a hope of destruction against others. All death should be mourned, ESPECIALLY the death of nonbelievers. We can’t mourn when we are hoping they are in hell. I understand that G-D is always just, that people condemn themselves and G-D grants them what they want (which is either his presence or his absence) but G-D does not desire the death of wicked men or that any not be with him for eternity. He loves his creation. It just so happens he is also ju(s)t with his creation.

Again, there is a difference between hoping G-D is consistent and that his Word is true and hoping that a specific individual finds torture because they seem unlike Christ according to the reports you’ve heard about them. I’m fine with you amending your post. I think the word hope is he main component here.

Update: A recent NY Times article sheds more light on who Micheal really was: Maids reveal Michael Jackson’s filth and perversion I post this to not only refute those who think Micheal was a wonderful person, but also to make the point we should never worship a human being.
Addendum: Also see

“He also had disgusting and downright shocking images of child torture, adult and child nudity, female bondage and sadomasochism.”

Some of the more disturbing items found include a photo of a child holding a mangled goose and a sex book called “Room to Play” that included a photo of a murdered child beauty queen with a rope around her neck.

He also had pictures of “sadomasochistic sex, bondage, transsexuals…”

Original post:
Seems awfully hateful, doesn’t it? Actually it isn’t mean or hateful at all. I wish no harm to Micheal. As a Christian I am always saddened when someone dies without having a saving relationship with Jesus Christ, and such is the case with Micheal Jackson.
So why would I hope he has been condemned to hell? Is it because I don’t like him? No, that’s not the reason, though I never liked Micheal, his music, or (especially) his life-style. Is it because I think he was a terrible sinner and deserves to be sent to hell? Well, yes and no. Yes, all sinners deserve hell. We are all sinners – ergo we all deserve hell. Actually, in my eyes, Micheal Jackson was less of a sinner than I am because I have known Christ for many years and have tasted the gifts of God – yet I still sin.
Then why in the world would I hope that Micheal is in hell right now? Jealousy? No. Anger? No. Resentment? No. Disgust? No. I hope Micheal Jackson is in hell because it is evident to me that he was NOT a Christian. (I use the term correctly – there are many who claim to be Christians who do not have an active saving relationship with Jesus Christ. 1 Cor 6:9-11) Do I know for absolute certain that Micheal was not saved from hell? No, I don’t. Only God sees the heart. But the evidences of a Christ-changed heart are listed in the Bible, and I did not see such evidence in Jackson’s life. (more…)

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