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And God said: “Let there be dirt!”

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

The scientific community was having their 10-year International Conference in Versailles, France. Many speakers had spoken of the great scientific wonders that mankind had achieved over the previous ten years. A final speaker addressed the huge audience with great pride. The man was a biologist who worked in the area of genetics. As he proudly surveyed the crowd of distinguished men he felt compelled to state “We have come a long way in all the sciences, so far in fact that I can now say to God Himself “Hey You! We can now do anything You can! We have, through our technology and intellect, gotten to the point where we ARE god!” The thunderous applause and standing ovation was suddenly interrupted by the appearance of a blinding light near the top of the grand hall. A loud, deep voice said “Oh, really? You think that’s so?” After a few moments of stunned silence the speaker regained his confidence and arrogantly asserted, “Yes, we do!”
“Could you make a man?” God asked them.
“Ha!” the biologist replied, “Easily!”
“Well,” said God, “I made one from dirt.”
“We can do that!” was the reply from the scientists.
“Okay”, says God, “Let’s see you do it.”
One of the scientists jumped up and said “I’ll go outside and dig up the dirt!”
There was a loud thunder-crack and silence fell again. God’s voice thundered “Get your OWN dirt!”

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Can someone here tell me how the Second Law of Thermodynamics disproves Evolution?

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007

This is from my answer to this question on Yahoo Answers after seeing a lot of nonsense posted:

IT SEEMS THAT there is a bit of a misunderstanding on the full implications of the 2nd Law: It is not just about heat flow, but also about complexity. Things in this particular universe do not tend to move toward increasing complexity, but instead tend to go the other way (entropy). It has been shown that our DNA, due to the cosmic rays of the sun and other problems, is losing alleles (parts), causing more health problems and defects. Please don’t confuse micro-evolution (which absolutely occurs) with MACRO-evolution, which has never been seen/proven/evidenced. This is why we do not have millions of transitional fossils that would confirm macro-evolution. Many adaptations (like better oxygen usage) are simply embedded in the DNA and are not used until needed.
The problem has always been (more…)

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