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The Supreme Court declares war

Friday, June 26th, 2015

Now that we know for sure, considering the last two decisions, that the Supreme Court is A COMPLETELY LAWLESS AND GODLESS ENTITY, we must be ready for the war that has been declared against Christians, and most Americans, by these two decisions.

MARRIAGE: Our marriages are created by God Himself, not the state. A marriage license from the state says that it can regulate, tax, and dissolve your marriage at the whim of the state. If my state, Texas, does not stand up to this tyranny, then I may need to REVOKE my marriage license with the state. It is none of their business! Understand – this DOES NOT mean that my marriage, ordained by GOD, will be dissolved. “What GOD has put together, let NO MAN put asunder!” It will merely be announcing to the state that my marriage is not controlled or licensed by them, and that THE STATE’S DEFINITION OF “MARRIAGE” AND MINE ARE NOT THE SAME.

I call upon all ordained ministers of God’s Word to stop using the words “by the authority vested in me by the state of Texas”, and instead say ONLY “by the authority of God’s Word” in performing marriages. Do not issue state marriage licenses. Stand up for the One True God and His Word. The homosexuals want STATE SPONSORED “marriage”, but we WILL NOT defy Almighty God and agree to “marry” them. It is an abomination! Jail and persecution are temporary – do not throw away an eternity of being with God due to a fear of man’s wrath.

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Pizza Hut thinks it’s OK for their employees to die for a few bucks

Saturday, June 21st, 2008

Years ago I had contracted with Coburn’s Barbecue in Big Town, near Dallas, Texas to do some overnight repairs to the restaurant. I had two employees with me, including one young man I had hired just for this one job. When the managers were ready to leave they came over to where we were unloading our tools from my truck and made and interesting inquiry. They asked if we were armed. This was before we had concealed-carry here in Texas. My regular employee and I exchanged glances. I asked “What do you mean?” The manager said “Do you have guns on you?” I wanted to know why he would ask that. His reply was “Because I’m not leaving you here alone all night in this part of town if you are not armed.” My employee grinned, and I assured them that, yes indeed, we were carrying. The managers said good, and goodnight. After they left my young temporary employee, his eyes wide said “But, but I don’t have a gun!” I pulled out a large hunting knife and gave it to him, saying “Use this, then.” He was again reassured and happy. We worked hard all night without incident – and without fear.

On April the third of this year the Des Moines Register reported that James Spiers, a 10-year employee of Pizza Hut, was fired for carrying a concealed handgun while on the job. Spiers was a pizza delivery guy. He knew about the dangers of his job and legally obtained a concealed carry license for his own protection. He carried his gun in spite of a prohibition to do so by Pizza Hut Corporation.
Spiers was found out when he had to defend himself against (more…)

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Taxing Carbon & ‘Greenhouse emissions’ – the new global tax scheme

Saturday, June 21st, 2008

More and more draconian laws are being proposed and passed to address the “problem of global warming”, in spite of the fact that increasing numbers of scientists, and I mean a lot of scientists, are denouncing the lack of true science and data behind the global warming/ greenhouse emissions warnings we are hearing about daily from politicians (yeah, the experts!) and, particularly, the UN. See this article from World Net Daily about The Petition Project(link), a movement to expose the lie of global warming from a scientist’s point of view.
So why do we hear all these politicians and political bodies preaching this doomsday message? The answer is in their proposed solutions. See this on a proposed carbon tax by a Canadian politician. Also, look at all the carbon tax initiatives to discourage people from creating carbon. Notice that companies can buy carbon ‘credits’. It is all about money for governments, and that means money and control for politicians and political entities such as the UN. Right now there are those who are proposing a carbon tax on having children, as the children will make more carbon. (more…)

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Ricki Lake, home childbirth, and our money

Friday, June 20th, 2008

Fox News reports (here) that Ricki Lake is under fire from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the AMA for advocating home childbirth. They contend that home is not the safest place to have a baby, instead stating that the safest place is in a hospital, birthing center, or other “approved” facility. Well, of course they would say that, not because it is true, but because if the trend continues they will lose their hold (read that as ‘source of income’) on the general public. To try to retain their hold on our money, these medical associations want to pass legislation to force us to pay them for what women have done for millennia without them: (from the article)

The AMA resolves in the statement to support state legislation “that helps ensure safe deliveries and healthy babies by acknowledging that the safest setting” is a hospital, connected birthing center or other approved facility.

This is big business taking away our freedoms in order to take our money.
We had our first two children in a hospital. We elected for natural childbirth, but in the hospital’s birthing room. Our first daughter was born with the help of two interns and myself, as the nurse refused to call our physician, even after I emphatically informed her that the baby was crowning and my wife was at 10 cm. dilation! The doctor got there well after the birth. Then the hospital personnel got upset when, after two hours, we were ready to go home. Were they worried about the baby? Were they worried about my wife? No, they wanted us to check into a hospital room, even if only for a few minutes, so they could charge us for it.

Our next child, a boy, was born at the same facility. We had instructed the doctor and staff NOT to give my wife any drugs, such as Pitocin. Pitocin is commonly used to make the uterus clamp down to stop bleeding. Interestingly, if you just let the baby nurse right away, the mother’s body releases a substance which does the same thing, naturally and gently – unlike the ‘hard’ clamp-down of Pitocin. Pitocin is also transferred through breastfeeding to the baby. You can’t make me believe this is good for a newborn. (more…)

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Free mobile phone ‘unlocking’

Monday, June 9th, 2008

Recently we renewed our contract with the evil telephone overlords (AT&T), mostly because our old phones were falling apart. They gave us “free” phones as long as we agreed to a two-year contract. Carol got a Sync and I got a Blackberry 8310. I may be going back overseas, so I thought the Blackberry would be cool since I can get an international data package and use it for internet and as a GPS device. Well, the phone is locked for AT&T sim cards, which is to be expected, so I started looking into how to unlock it in case I needed to use a non-AT&T card somewhere. After a lot of perusing the internet forums I was resigned to having to pay someone 19 to 24 USD to get the unlock code. There were scores of posts praising these guys for their prompt and helpful service. But the more I thought about it I wondered just how these guys could offer such a service. Was there some special software, maybe? So I searched a little more and started finding a few posts by a few crusaders who wanted to expose the plot. They are emphatically trying to let people know that all you have to do is call your carrier and politely ask for the code. They may wish to know why – “I’m going to be traveling outside the country” – but generally will give you the code if you act informed and polite. Some may say they can’t do this, or it will take a day, but if you, nicely, persist, you will find they can do it in just a few minutes. Some people reported that they were even given the unlock code for their device by a carrier they did not do business with.

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Oww! My spam guard has been deleting your responses!

Monday, November 5th, 2007

My abject apologies! I have found that many responses have been automatically deleted by a spam intercepting plug-in on the blog. Therefore I have never seen many responses that you have sent. If you feel that you have sent relevant responses to anything here and did not see it appear please resend it and I will publish it. I have turned OFF the Askimet Spam Guard – so I will now get ALL incoming posts, and will delete the spam personally.


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The new blog is up and running!

Friday, February 16th, 2007

Now if can keep from getting side-tracked and do some writing! Your posts, opinions , criticisms, and articles are welcomed. Please watch your language – I reserve the right to edit out anything I consider too salty or profane, OK?

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